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Deep in the desert in ancient Sudan This little-visited nation has more pyramids than Egypt, and tra

Sunset at the pyramids at Meroe in Sudan, and I have the ancient Unesco world heritage site to myself. The heat of the day (45C, no less) rises from the sandstone steps of the remains of the pyramid of Queen Amanishaketo, where I’m waiting to watch the sun slip beyond the horizon. And so it does, in a perfect tangerine orb. The wide expanse of the Sahara stretches ahead. All around ancient tombs are bathed in gold, casting shadows in mysterious passageways.

This is one of the most sacred places of the little-known Kingdom of Kush (2,400BC to AD400) that once ruled Egypt and went on to conquer lands as far north as Lebanon. These pyramids are the remains of a thriving nation.

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