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Upgrade the (KCC) towards achieving remarkable international levels.


Achieve active representation, protect the trade sector’s interests, participate in drawing up legislations and in lawmaking, provide unique services for participating in the durable economic developmentthroughout the Kingdom.

 Strategic Values:

- Credibility and transparency.
- Collective action.
- Mutual respect.
- Institutional work.
- Accountability.
- Excellence of performance.

Objectives of the Kingdom Chamber of Commerce
1.        Serve its members and meet their needs.
2.        Provide up-to-date information on the market and economy.
3.        Encourage international trade.
4.        Influence economic, commercial and business laws and policies.
5.        Encourage development of national human resources.
6.        Settle business disputes.
7.        Support small and medium enterprises and encourage innovative businesses.
8.        Improve the quality and effectiveness of commercial practices.
9.        Attract domestic and foreign investment.
10.    Create and nurture an effective communications system.
11.    Modernize the management and infrastructure of the Chamber.
Board of Directors
A Board of Directors of 9 elected members manages the Kingdom. Members of the Board are elected (through free vote) by members of the General Assembly . Membership on the Board is for four years.
The Law has stated the duties of the Board as follows:
1. Providing the government with suggestions on laws and regulations, taxes and issues related to the advancement of economic activities.
2. Provide necessary services for business transactions including trade services of agricultural products, accreditation of certificates and processes issued from local factories in regions where no chamber of commerce exists.
3. Organizing exhibitions and conferences, and forming committees and sections from members of boards of directors or others.
4. Ratification and evaluation of the Chamber’s budgets.
5. Acquisition of movable and immovable properties.

Board also assumes its duties through the specialized committees:
1.        Public Relations and Information Committee.
2.        Arbitration Committee.
3.        Financial and Chamber's building affairs Committee.
4.        Personnel , Education & Training affairs Committee.
5.        Researches, legislations & International Trade Committee.
Most Important Services of The Kingdom:

1.  Offering counsel and giving suggestions on laws and legislations of commercial or economic nature.
2.   Issuance and ratification of certificates of origin and guarantors, affixing the guarantors’ financial abilities, and naming experts to inspect goods and evaluate their prices.
3.   Settle disputes and trade disagreements amicably between members of the trade groups locally or abroad through arbitration and agreements.
4.   Study and follow-up problems facing trade and economic transactions and finding practical solutions to these problems with relevant parties.
5.   Welcome foreign delegates and updating them on the economy and solidifying means of cooperation in all areas.
6.   Participate in local and international exhibitions, promote exports and locate new markets.

Minister Name / President / Manager
Chairman of the Board H.E. Bilal Abdullah Muhammed

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