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Peer review needed for my book on Nubian (Nobiin) Language and Grammar Book 1

Old Nubian Language
Appeal for peer reviewers and academics

This is a simplified language and grammar book intended for English readers who are interested in learning Nobiin language.

Please contact me at the following email address if you can help: 

and send your ground mailing address so that I can send a copies of the book to you for peer reviewing or for introducing the book to your university or institute.

Allow me to introduce this language and its grammar in English to you so that you can help in preserving this beautiful language from extinction. Some universities and private schools in Sudan and Egypt have started writing and teaching the Nubian language and grammar in digitized Arabic alphabets and language and I believe that the Arabic language is the main threat to the Nubian language.

I need also your help and recommendations to include Nubian languages (Nobiin and Dongolawi) in the curriculum of western universities among other African languages taught in Western and African universities. This will help in exerting pressures on Sudan and Egypt to recognize this important language as official language beside the Arabic language. The role of the academicians and members of ISNS in influencing UNESCO, Egypt and Sudan in this matter is vital and it will make the Nubians dream come true.

Nuraddin Abdulmannan 
Telephone: (202)718-6687 
Fax: (202)644-5233

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