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Curriculum Vitae 
His Excellency Shaykh As -Sayyid Ali Abdullah Muhammed Al Mahdi

Nubian Title: A'aferti Atum Haru Hor Aha Amsu Re ll

Born: December 18, 1976

Ambassador Sayyid Ali was selected as Ambassador To the Imperial Kingdom Of

Nubia, located in Boston, Massachusetts United States on November 5, 2006


Professional experience:

Mc Lean Hospital Mental Health Department

Pine Street Inn Homeless Shelter

Brigham & Women's Hospital (ICMP/NWO /Community Health Workers Outreach) 

Honorary Member of the Knights Of Nubia Foreign Service since 2009.

Jan 2016   -   Oct 2020     :   Sovereign Grand Commander of Knights Of Nubia
Sep 2014   -  Jan 2016     :   Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs
Dec 2013   -  Aug 2014    :   Special Secretary (Int. Organizations & Policy), 
Aug 2012   -  Dec 2013    :   Additional Secretary (Int. Organizations & Policy.), 
Nov 2008   -  Aug 2012    :   Ambassador Of Al Mahdi Dynasty (Ahlul Bayt)
Oct 2002   -  Sep  2008    :   Official Spokesperson, Global Development Solutions
Aug 2006  -  Jun 2014      :   Minister/Counselor, MOER Foundation, Boston,MA

Sep 2008  -   Jun 2011     : The Princes & Princesses Of Tut Honor Society 

Jan 2012   -   Feb 2014    : The Gents Fraternity (Brotherhood, Youth Mentorship)


1. The Call Of The Mahdi In America
2. Ansar Guide To Purity And Neatness 


Doctorate of Theology; Islamic, Judaic traditional studies

Studied Journalism, 

Languages: English, Arabic, Nubic; Kenzi  Hebrew


H.R.H. As-Sayyid Ali Muhammed Al Mahdi; 96'

H.R.H. As-Sayyid Ahmad Muhammed Al Mahdi 16'

Father: H.I.M. As Sayyid Al Imam Isa Al Haadi Al Mahdi (SL)

Mother: H.R.H. As Sayyidat Naimah El Faki (SL)

HIM His Imperial Majesty As Sayyid Al Im
The Imperial Kingdom Of Nubia (IPO).png
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