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Amara West: Living in New Kingdom Nubia

Women in Ernetta village, near Amara West, reading the Arabic edition. February 2015. Photograph: Tomomi Fushiya.

The British Museum has recently published a guidebook to the site of Amara West, funded by the Qatar-Sudan Archaeological Project. The book seeks to share, in an accessible manner, the latest research on this important site on Egypt’s southern New Kingdom frontier.

Co-authored by team members of the Amara West Project, it covers such themes as: how the town of Amara West came to be; what it was like to live there in pharaonic times; and how the Egyptian colonisers co-existed and interacted with local Nubian populations.

It provides an overview of early 20th century excavations at the site, and an insight into how archaeologists work today. And, of course, it provides information about visiting Amara West.


The book is provided here as a free pdf download.

The book is provided in English and Arabic here as a free pdf download.

  • Introduction

  • Historical context

  • The town of Amara West

  • The cemeteries

  • Archaeobotany of Amara West

  • Sustainability and subsistence

  • Further information

  • Living in New Kingdom Nubia

  • Project team: acknowledgements

  • Explore Amara West in 3D

  • Nubian agricultural knowledge

  • Nubia past and presen

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