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Sponsor-A-Mind is the MOER Foundation’s first and largest program. True to its roots, the program supplies needy school children and classrooms in less affluent neighborhoods with the basic materials they need to carry out their education.


Sponsor-A-Mind ( School Supply Donation Program) was founded in 2006 on the belief that all children deserve to start their first day of school well prepared. For many of us the most basic school supplies are not difficult to acquire. For the children of families living in poverty, the prospects of having their very own notebook, pencil or box of crayons are highly unlikely. The goal of the  Sponsor-A-Mind Program is to provide these less fortunate children the necessary supplies they need so that they are equipped to receive what they so desperately need — an education.


Sponsor-A-Mind is proud to count hundreds of different non-profit groups among our customer base including relief organizations, philanthropic groups, churches and school districts. All of these groups share a common objective – working to serve the most deprived and deserving children both domestically and internationally. Our objective is to assist these groups with their initiatives by giving them a convenient and affordable source to purchase essential products for children.


With our School Supply Donation Program, children PK-12th grade receive a completely assembled kit with the appropriate school supplies for their grade inside. Each kit is filled with new, name brand school supplies from partners such as Staples, Office Max and Office Depot.  The kits are delivered to your choice of destination.

Sponsor-A-Mind offers the opportunity for individuals and businesses to have an impact on the future of needy schoolchildren by enabling their education. Many inner-city schools are underfunded and undersupplied their students are also not in a position to afford basic classroom materials. Since education is a primary right of every American child, it is critical that their learning not be delayed by lack of basics like pens and paper.

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