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  • Y.M.C.A

  • St. Francis House

  • Salvation Army

  • The Women’s Center

  • Ashmont Nursery School

  • Boston Living Center

  • East End House

  • East Zone


The program name emphasizes the idea that contributing school supplies is not simply a matter of easing a disadvantaged family’s needs.

Meet our staff

Through our work, we help create an environment in this country that is not fear-based. We seek to continually increase the number and variety of volunteers and giving them many opportunities to help others.

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We are now accepting donations for

September 2018



  • John Marshall Enrichment

  • Woodrow Wilson Middle School

  • James F. Condon School

  • Michael J. Perkins Elementary

  • Emily A. Fifield Elementary

  • Bird Street Community Center

  • Islamic Society Of Boston

  • Pine Street Inn

  • Family Community Engagement

  • St. Mary’s Women’s & Children

  • Somali Development Center

  • Sudanese Integration Center

  • Neighbor House Charter School

  • Catholic Charities

  • Brockton Public Schools

  • Leaps Of Literacy

About us

Sponsor-A-Mind is the MOER Foundation’s first and largest program. True to its roots, the program supplies needy school children and classrooms in less affluent neighborhoods with the basic materials they need to carry out their education.

Recent Donation Recipients: (Schools/ Org's )

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