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Preserve Our Community: 

Roxbury has the small town feel and historical character that you see on postcards with brick buildings, cobblestone roads and traditional historical sites.

Promote Local Business:

Street festivals, open studios, retail events, and image development campaigns are some of the ways Roxbury Crossing Main Streets encourages customer traffic.

Enhance Community Vending:

Roxbury Crossing Farmers Market program allows you to provide your family with healthy foods & local items while supporting your local community members.  

Roxbury Crossing Main Streets Trust

With your help, we can ensure that Roxbury is vibrant and active with people of all ages and walks of life living, dining, shopping, visiting art galleries & museums, attending live performances and events, and socializing with their friends and families. 


Our goals are to create safe streets that are vibrant and alive with outdoor common spaces filled with a culturally diverse population connecting with one another in peace.- Hon. Ali ABY Muhammed, CEO


Welcome to the


The Nubian Square 

Boston, Roxbury , MA 02119

Tel: 1-857-800-6078


Our objective is to also identify and create economic opportunities, education and social support to individuals and families- Hon. Ali ABY Muhammed Al Mahdi , Founder/CEO

Preservation, Promotion & Enhancment Of Roxbury Boston.

Established: 1630

Boston Main Streets Foundation supports the work of non-profit mainstreets organizations throughout the City of Boston. To learn more about these organizations, contact them at:

Local Boston Mainstreets: Districts

Nubian Geographic (Imperial KingdomOf Nu


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