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Head of Society Welcome,

Having served in leadership roles such as Executive Director of several successful Boston, MA based and headquartered non-profit charitable organizations also managing over 12 satellite offices nationwide for 14 years with a focus on ending homelessness, domestic violence prevention, Community Health Workers outreach initiatives, youth volunteerism, academic scholarships, educational opportunities for underserved communities and prison reform. 

My primary focus and responsibility is to serve disenfranchised communities of all genders, faiths and cultural identities. This is challenging work.


I believe that we must first learn to understand where people are coming from and not judge them from whence they came. We all have a responsibility to our community and our future.


We must also work together to end racism, sexism, segregation as well as dismantle systems created to perpetuate hateful ideals. As we evolve, we change for the better. And make the world a better place. We all deserve a second chance and prevent the future from making past mistakes. 


​Dr. Ali ABY Muhammed Al Mahdi

​Head of Honor Society

His Excellency: A'aferti Atum Haru Hor Aha Amsu Re ll

The Supreme Grand Ancient Nubian Egyptian Society, Inc. 

Boston, MA 02119

Our Philosophy

Our philosphy is to encourage future academics to further explore the cultural relevance of Ancient Kingdom Of Nubia. We seek to provide Nubian cultured themed educational volunteer clubs. We are opened to new ideas from student member and supporters. 

Our History

The PTP Honor society was founder by Dr. Ali ABY Muhammed a Nubian raised in the United States of America. Dr. Muhammed sought to further educate local African Americans about their Noble past. The group start as chess & book clubs and have  since grown to several universities throughout the U.S. and Abroad.

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