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 Mentorship, Fellowship & Scholarship

Since: 1970 

My Brother's Keeper

I, look up to the heavens and pledge with Sincerity,
to honor the Code of the Brotherhood with Integrity. 

To assist in the perpetuation of great works by the Fraternity
I,Vow to respect all gifts that my brothers have to offer. 


I, humbly offer my gifts for the benefit of humanity.

I, Vow to respect and uphold the protocols of the Fraternity

And to protect the code of the Gents from all whose intentions do not display sincerity.

I, Vow to keep all members identity sacred, safe and secure  
To selectively share wisdom imparted upon me to others

I, Vow enlightenment for future generations to come

I, honor these oaths with my whole state of being,

which represents leadership, sustainability, and transparency in the presence of our great seal. 

Knowing the true meaning of this seal, 
I, move forward strongly with great purpose and zeal!


I _________________ hereby from this day forth declare not to commit any crimes or criminal acts against myself or others.

I will cease and desist any violence, tribal warfare etc.


I pledge to walk away from potential problems/situations.


I will only use force if it is in self- defense due to any immediate danger to my life or a third party and will seek out peace with all and follow the path of peace

I solemly swear to unify my beloved family and children as one, enforcing liberty, justice, love, and divinity for All.

I pledge to be true to myself


To let my conscious and inner soul guide to my moral values 


I pledge to honor and respect, myself & others at all times to think, speak and live positively and restrain from all negative forces


I pledge to live in peace happiness joy & love each day to live in truth


I pledge to spend quality time with myself in order to improve on  my quality of life.


I pledge to end all bad relationships & start new ones with honesty & trust


I pledge  to end criticism, worry and fear in my life


I pledge to learn from my past mistakes & not repeat them


I pledge to give my time freely to others


I pledge to uplift & encourage my Brothers 

I pledge to bring unity to my family & community


I pledge to set an example for future generations


I pledge to appreciate the beauty of the universe & all living creatures


I pledge to constantly strive for higher education & Spirituality


I pledge to begin & end each day with love for all..

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