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We Are

Our illustrious history is not only our past but also a guiding light to the successful future. As the first, we continue to overcome many obstacles. The Gents Fraternity was built on the principle of vision, strength, determination, and cultural unity. Our history serves as a legacy and testament to our accomplishments, greatness and future.

The formation of the Gents Fraternity can best be described by one word: Evolution. The Brotherhood, like any organization composed of many facets. It was built slowly, one element (fire, water, wind and earth) at a time. The essence of the Gents Fraternity has developed subsequently over the last decade.

The initial purpose of the Gents was to serve as a source of support for young men of culture in pursuit of an education, while promoting brotherhood, cultural appreciation and unity.

​Over the years, the brotherhood has been questioned and criticized for selecting the “Gentleman” as a symbol to represent the organization.

The criticism has arisen due to the negative connotations that accompany the image.

Historical books depict the Europeans as having committed genocide of the indigenous people.

The Founding Fathers recognized the notion of chivalry, bravery and grace to be attributes of knighthood. Which is primarily why the image was chosen, to highlights strength wisdom & beauty.

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