About Moer:

Drawing on our own experience developing and implementing programs, with limited resources at our disposal we sought the expertise of other leaders within our communities and achieved the unachievable.

At the Moer Foundation, we collectively strive to provide our clients with the best possible educational, nutritional & social support. This support will enhance the individual, community &  environment with the greatest possible attention to the details that supports young people and their transformation into productive citizens; prepared to enhance their lives and affected communities.​

We at the Moer Foundation are acutely aware of various social issues affecting young males and females which we believe is only half the problem. However; we are equally as committed to the development of young males into productive men.

The Moer Foundation, Inc was established when founder Dr. Ali A.B.Y Muhammed discovered an opportunity to make use of his extensive skills and experience in youth development, business development, financial management, First Responder training including Domestic Violence prevention.


At the same time, this opportunity afforded the foundation the means to meet several specific philanthropic goals, including making positive contributions to several underserved communities.

"We see great urgency in this matter and seek to build relationship with those who share in our goal of continued success thru diversity & inclusion". -

Dr. Ali ABY Muhammed, Executive Director


The Moer Foundation a secular non-profit organization established in 2006 to focus and address critical issues that affect the well being of low-income communities. Furthermore we acknowledge that Mental Health, Homelessness,  Substance Abuse, Racial Profiling and Violent Crime amongst young people of color as become a matter of National Security.



The Moer Foundation engages in open dialogues with legislative bodies, stakeholders, experienced community leaders, HMIS qualified groups and or individuals that share our concern regarding the immediate threat of violence and fear thru out underserved communities.

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MOER Foundation 

The Moer Foundation, Inc, a Massachusetts not for profit corporation services include Domestic Violence Prevention, HIV/AIDS Awareness, School Supply Donation Drives,  Historical Preservation, Clothing Donation Drive, Child Obesity Prevention, Community farming and more. 

Email: admin@moerfoundation.org

Phone: 1-857-800-6078

Registered Charity: 20-5373434


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