Dr. Ali York M is responsible for the formation of the Cambridge Croquet Club in Harvard Square Cambridge MA. Considered by many a “Nobel gentleman” with a refined character who is  also a keen historian and values various traditions that are the very foundations, our modern world is built on.  


Dr. Ali is committed to progressive ideas and philanthropic ideals to support low-income families and socially disadvantaged communities. After serving as Chairman & CEO of for the MOER Foundation an internationally recognized NPO/NGO for over 14 years. Dr. Ali had recently established CHW Workforce Development which seeks to connect individuals experiencing perpetual poverty who are also high users of hospital and clinical services with Community Health Workers (CHWs) in order to increase utilization of primary care and reduce unnecessary utilization of emergency services. “Doc” as he is known by many has dedicated over 27 years developing various entrepreneurial training initiatives, with a focus on Mental Health awareness, Substance & opiate abuse prevention and Childhood obesity prevention initiatives.


Having successfully established transparent donation projects such as (Sponsor-A-Mind) supporting various community initiatives that have helped create a bridge to social, economic, academic and environmental opportunities. 

A self motivated natural leader with a very charismatic personality that has spanned the globe. Having been honored and awarded over 12 nationally recognized proclamations and a Massachusetts House of Representative Recognition Award. He had also and continues to mentor, inspire and motivate others to “be the very best at their best”. 

Dr. Ali York M is an avid player himself of croquet, having successfully established the Queen City Croquet Club which was the first of its kinds in Charlotte, NC.  He was surprised to learn that there was no such club in Cambridge Massachusetts. Especially since Croquet is a sport that fits the rich historical culture of Cambridge Mass, an environment associated with prestige, refinement and gentry.

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