About The Club

Established in 2014 the Cambridge Croquet Club remains passionate about reviving this traditional and historically rich sport to Cambridge Mass. In hopes of allowing everyone an opportunity to participate thus keeping Croquet alive and vibrant in the hearts of all who are already keen players while inviting all who wish to join in and learn this sport for the first time. 

Croquet is a family sport where all members the family can come out and have an exciting day and competitive fun. It Is the aim of the Cambridge Croquet Club to teach this sport and enrich the young people to reach out to a diverse community of like minds. Our goal is to invite them to participate in our beginners sessions, before they are invited to become an official club member.  

Members can enjoy discounts at local supporting sports shops that stock croquet equipment. While a percentage of membership dues will help support local events and sponsoring those who show potential talent in croquet but are unable to afford full membership or the equipment to continue the sport.